Hello! I'm Ash, an unofficial Homestuck scholar.

My primary project is transcribing all of Andrew Hussie's footnotes from the Homestuck books to an online platform for those who are unable to buy the books for themselves. I am currently making my way through Book 2: Act 3 & Intermission.

Here you'll find links to my work as well as some other resources, such as fanmade archives and preservation projects, that could enhance your Homestuck experience. Fellow Homestuck Scholars, I hope you'll like these! :)

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These are my personal projects, primarily consisting of wordy Google Docs made to optimize the Homestuck experience.

Homestuck Reading Guide


Book 1: Acts 1 & 2
Book 2: Act 3 & Intermission (in progress)

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These are community projects that I have no part in, but I believe are extremely valuable.


An extremely vast fanmade archive working to preserve Homestuck and its community, sporting various fangames, analyses, and more.

The Unofficial Homestuck Collection

All of Homestuck, built from the ground up to preserve its original form. Not only is Flash permanent on this browser, but the entire Homestuck experience has been enhanced while still maintaining its original style. After it's downloaded, you will basically own a pristine and optimized version of Homestuck, as well as the Bandcamp and other MSPA works.

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HOMESTUCK belongs to Andrew Hussie.

The Homestuck Books' author commentaries are all
Andrew Hussie's written words, verbatim.

I do not own any portion of HOMESTUCK and do not make
any sort of profit off of Hussiequotes or any other
Homestuck-related projects.